Place better bets

You're gambling whether you know it or not.

  • When you send an edgy text message

  • When you board a plane

  • When you apply for a new job

  • When you start reading a new book

  • When you make a purchase

Before your body makes a move, your mind has already subconsciously placed a bet on your next action returning a reward greater than the cost it takes to make it.

No decision is exempt from gambling as no action comes without a cost. There is no such thing as "free". There is always a cost of choosing one path over another.

Want to place better bets?

Make asymmetrical bets, where the potential upside is much greater than the potential downside. When in doubt, limit your downside such that being wrong stings but doesn't cripple you in any way.

Creating content on the internet is an asymmetrical bet. Content is cheap to produce, yet it can lead to big payoffs: new jobs, new friends, and/or refined thinking.

If you lose your bet on creating content, you lose the hours you invested. If you lose your bet running a red light, you lose your life.

Improve your life by becoming a better gambler.

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