Categorizing your relationships

Each person in your life experiences you in a unique way. You are a different person to your best friend than you are to your neighbor than you are to your significant other—and everybody is better off for it.

We group many of our relationships into the same broad "friend" category, yet we're unlikely to treat any two "friends" identically. There's more granularity to our relationships than broad categorization can account for. Relationships are better defined by tags than they are folders.

There are three sides to any relationship:

  1. How that person makes your feel
  2. How you make that person feel
  3. The known overlap between the previous two factors

It's rare for any two people to make us feel identically. Any discrepancy in this three ingredient recipe will result in a unique relationship being formed.

We each see ourselves as a consistent person with certain interests and certain quirks, but the reality is that we bring a different sum of ourselves to each of our relationships. We're rarely, if ever, the same identical person to many people.

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