On habits

Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become. - James Clear

Every action you take is a threat to become a habit. There are no repetitions that don't count. Every vote is counted.

I've learned through experience that announcing "I deserve this" or "just this once", no matter how loud, doesn't actually prevent your next action from counting. There are always consequences.

We should be careful to note any action we take mindlessly, ignorant to the cumulative effect these actions could result to.

How your practice is how you perform. If you put little effort into being emotionally resilient when faced with small, inconsequential shocks (your food is late), you're going to be unprepared to manage when hit with something meaningful (you get fired from your job).

Perfection is never the goal. Not only is it unattainable, but it's also boring. Habits will lead you to victory, but there's benefit to be found from running off and breaking the rules every so often. Habits are a good way to spend your time waiting for serendipity to appear.

Every streak breaks. Good streaks, bad streaks, doesn't matter. Impermanence doesn't discriminate and it's patient enough to out wait you. For this reason there may be more skill in rebuilding consecutive 60 day streaks than in maintain a single 120 day streak.

Understand that every action is a vote for the type of person you will become. There are no exceptions.

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