Re: As it is

Sharing what comes to mind when I read the thoughts posted by my friend Jacky.

What if our emotions are like crayons that colors our blank state of mind?

Is our mind ever truly blank of emotion?

When I'm focused intensely on a task, I'm not conscious of my emotions... so, maybe?

We can trace this further back: if our thoughts are responsible for spawning emotions, it's our thoughts that are doing the coloring.

A mind devoid of thought seems to match up pretty well with a blank canvas.

If there’s anything impactful to our lives, except all of this events happening, it’s probably our emotions controlling over us. I think.

I think this has to be true, because nothing is objectively important.

Global warming may be objectively important for humans, but objectively important in a universal sense? Probably not.

Deciding whether something is important or not is a decision layered on top of what is good or bad. Do moral judgments have a place in objectivity?

Are emotion a villain? Why does it harm at times? If I may, emotions aren’t villains. At some point, our biases to certain things are.

Another moral judgement!

I don't think emotions, like most things, are neither good nor bad. They just are.

Relationships are exchanging not changing. Building, not subtracting.

I think this is a really healthy perspective.

After a breakup you feel terrible loss, but it's (probably?) not because you lost a part of yourself, but that you lost what you had built with that person.

Our past, regardless of how grave or amazing it is, it will almost not matter if the present is rotting.

New day, new opportunities!

I love this quote:

I have a simple routine. As soon as I awake in the morning, I sit quiet and still and ask myself, "Who am I today? And what do I want?" I close my eyes and observe myself ninety days from now. Ninety days is all it takes to change everything in a life completely. One hundred percent. Career, friends, location. One needs no more than that.

If games were modeled from life, then is Life like a game?

An open sandbox with no predetermined objectives.

New characters are introduced at random, and many beloved characters are removed just the same.

The characters deal with this wild uncertainty through creating their own objective: learning to love the game itself, for no particular reason at all.

Languages are either a secret code or a universal key to others.

I love this, and this was only a recent discovery for me.

Language unlocks the best kinds of social serendipity. It doesn't even have to be "langauge" languages either.

If you learn how to play a sport, you now speak the language of that tribe, thus unlocking all kinds of new opportunities to bond with people who also speak that sport's language.

If others won’t put in effort, you can’t truly build something with them.

Too real Jacky...

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